Monday, November 30, 2009


Tilley: “I don’t understand a picnic . . . we just go some place . . . we put a thing on the ground and we eat.”
Nora: “Yes . . . it’s nice to do that.”
Tilley: “Why? I don’t get it. It’s better sitting at home and watching TV.”
Nora: “I think there’s something nice about a picnic . . . it’s fun.”
Tilley: “What’s fun about it? Ants get into the food . . . there’s bees. I don’t get it. We have to drive, it takes maybe an hour to get there, then you sit in grass and eat. Why is that fun?”
Nora: “I just thought it might be nice to do something together, that’s all . . . thought it might be fun.”
Tilley: “It doesn’t sound like fun to me . . . you take the stuff you’ve got here in the house, you take it someplace to eat it. It’s just as much fun eating in front of the TV, and we do that together, don’t we? No ants and no bees . . . much more comfortable.”
- Tin Men [1987]


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