Saturday, August 14, 2010

Billy Batts Busting Balls


Goodfellas: Batts (Frank Vincent), a sleazy gangster with a hysterical toupee, has just been released after a long stint in the pen. During a quiet welcome home party at an out-of-the-way bar, he starts busting fellow gangster Tommy’s balls. Tommy (Joe Pesci) gets pissed because Batts tells everybody about Tommy’s early days when he shined all of the older gangster’s shoes: "Relax, would ya. What’s got into you? I haven’t seen you in a fuckin’ time and I’m breaking your balls a little bit, I’m only kidding with ya." Batts' comment to Tommy, ". . . why don’t you go get your fuckin’ shine box?" sends Tommy over the edge. Later that evening, Tommy returns looking to kill Batts. Tommy, Jimmy (Robert DeNiro) and Henry (Ray Liotta) end up beating the living shit out of this guy and throwing him in the trunk of their car. (Side note: According to Movie Minutia, the song "Atlantis" by Donovan is playing in the background while Batts is getting beaten.) So they take Batts upstate to bury him but soon realize he’s still alive and kicking back there in the trunk. So they have to pull over and finish him off. It turns out Batts was a "made guy," which means Tommy’s essentially "fucked." During a ceremony where Tommy believes he’s going to get made himself, he instead gets a bullet to the head. End of story.


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